What We Do

The way care and support is provided has changed. If you are eligible for social work services you now have more choice over your support and how it is delivered. This is called Self-directed Support. Under this new way of working, you are allocated an individual budget that reflects your level of need. Since Self-directed Support became law in 2014, you now have 4 options from which to choose to direct your own support. 

The 4 Self-directed Support Options


You can take your individual budget as a direct payment and you can then arrange your own support to meet your needs

2. You choose the support you want to meet your needs and the Council arranges this for you
3. You leave it up to the Council to organise your support to meet your needs
4. You can have a combination of any of the 3 options above

 A Broker can provide you with independent information and support no matter which of the 4 options you choose. Brokers are local people who have been trained by us, to our high standards,and are competent to help you. They can help you in planning and organising your support and help you get the most out of your budget. The service and support from a Broker is free. They are paid by the Community Brokerage Network and the Community Brokerage Network is funded by the Scottish Government for this work until 2017.

People We Have Helped

A Broker can help you with a range of tasks, for example, they can find out what activity is going on in your local community and see if you could benefit from what they provide, connect you up with other people who have similar interests and hobbies, find out what different services can offer and how much they cost. They can help with other tasks too and the idea is that it can all help you in deciding how you want your social care needs to be met.

A Broker can help you put together your plan of support and assist you to explain to social work staff how you intend to use your budget for the things in your plan, and how the plan meets your needs. It is about the Broker helping you identify the support that is right for you and helping you to put it in place.