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Do you want to help people be included and to live their best life?

Do you believe people should always be at the centre of the process, feel respected, safe and are included in the planning of their care?

Are you looking for an opportuity that is flexible and can fit around other commitments?

If so, you could be a Broker with The Community Brokerage Network.


We are a Community Interest Company, working throughout Ayrshire, and work closely with people who access social care to help them receive the assistance and support that is right for them. 


We do this by providing independent brokerage about Self Directed Support (SDS) which gives people choice and control about the services they receive and helps them to develop plans on how this support will be delivered.


We work with people who do not receive social care and help them to connect with their local and wider communities and to help them build new relationships.


We offer Peer Support, training opportunities and connect Brokers to people who may require support.


The role of a Community Broker is to provide independent information about Self-directed Support (SDS), helping support people who require care to understand the choices available to them and how much they want to be involved in decisions about them, whilst recognising their own skills and abilities.


We help people who think they may require support to prepare for a Social Work Assessment.  We enable them to plan support in a way that helps them live their best life.  We help people to work out how, when, where and whom this support may be delivered by.  We also help people to connect with other organisations and resources that may help them achieve their goals.  We firmly believe people are always at the centre of the process, that they feel safe, respected and are included in the planning of their care. 


Are you;

  • a good communicator
  •  creative
  •  adaptable
  •  able to plan and organise?


Do you;

  • have good connections within your local community
  •  live in Ayrshire and know the area
  • Want to help people to live their best life?


Can you;

  • see the person
  •  be compassionate and caring
  •  understand and demonstrate fairness and equality
  •  help other people
  •  respect the person and their confidentiality?

What does it mean to be a self-employed Community Broker within Ayrshire?

Being a self-employed Broker provides you with independence, control and freedom around when and who you work with.


For further information and to set up as a self-employed Broker, the GOV.UK [] webpage will provide step by step guidance.


However, to join the Network you will be expected to undertake assessment and regular  training to ensure you are and feel competent and confident to support people to work out how they want to have their social care needs met.


Previous experience is not necessary as full training will be given.

Applicants must undergo PVG disclosure check.

Brokers are self-employed.

For more information on The Community Brokerage Network and Self-directed Support, see the About Us page of our website.


For further information on joining us a Broker, please register your interest via or use the Contact Form on our website.