• The Community Brokerage Network is a Community Interest Company and was established in February 2012. A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a type of limited company that has a structure and governance that aims to meet the needs of organisations that trade with a social purpose (social enterprises) or carry on other activities that benefit the community.

  • The Community Brokerage Network CIC, is subject to external regulation by the CIC Regulator whose duties are to consider applications to form a CIC, to ensure that a CIC complies with its legal obligations and to take enforcement action where serious infringements occur.

  • The  Community Brokerage Network has an asset lock in place which ensures that its funds are used only to meet its social aims and should the company be dissolved, assets would be transferred to another organisation with similar aims, and is not for the benefit of the Directors. 

  • The Community Brokerage Network was created in response to the need for independent information and support for people directing their own social care. It initially operated in East Ayrshire but now covers North, South and East Ayrshire as of 1st October 2018.

  • The Community Brokerage Network has also expanded the number of ways it can help people. It can now help people prepare for social work assessment, support them through that assessment process and help them with their support planning and to use any budget/resource allocated to them effectively to get the best out of life they can. If someone doesn't qualify for social work help, the Community Brokerage Network can still help them connect into their community and can help people who fund their own care to make sure they are getting best value and their spend is benefitting them as they intend.

CBN Articles of Association

  • The Scottish Government Funding and the Community Brokerage Network's Performance is monitored by Inspiring Scotland and the link officer reported to is Ashley Drennan. The outcomes that Community Brokerage Network report against for the SiRD2021 Funding are:

  • People and carers feel more informed, listened to and less stressed.
  • People and carers can creatively and flexibly plan to achive personal outcomes including accessing community assets.
  • People and carers have increased skills so are better able to manage social care packages.