Dan Hughes on trauma, early child development and attachment
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Keeping it Personal: Improving person-centred care
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Welcome to the Community Brokerage Network

National Brokerage Symposium Report and Info available here!

We are funded by the Scottish Government to provide support for people living in East Ayrshire who want to have more choice and control over how their social care needs are met. We do this by providing a Community Broker to work alongside you as you work out how you want to be supported. Anyone living in East Ayrshire who has had their social care needs assessed by social work and who is eligible for a service, can get our help. If you had your needs assessed and you decide to pay for your care yourself, as this is less expensive than paying the social work charge, the good news is, that we can help you too. There is no cost - it is free to you because the Scottish Government has funded us to help you.

Learn More About The Community Brokerage Network

Scotland Wide

Having Community Brokerage is quite a new idea in Scotland and what we learn through the experience of supporting people in East Ayrshire will help us learn more about the idea overall, although our specific work with you will be completely confidential. A number of other geographic areas are really interested in the work that we are doing in East Ayrshire and we are keen to help them explore, what they too might do, to help people have as much choice and control as they want in directing their own support.