About Us

We work across Ayrshire supporting people with social care. We do not directly provide hands on social care for people but we do try to help them get what they need. We do this by providing a broker to help you. The broker can help you prepare for the assessment that may be carried out by your local health and social care partnership or if that has already been done, help you plan and organise your support. The broker works to you and their job is to help you make the most of any budget or resource that is made available to you after your social care assessment. If you do not qualify for formal support we can still help by connecting you into activities in your community or linking you with other peple who may have similar interests or things in common.

The help you get from us is completely free. 

Our local team and the Board

Our team of Brokers are led by our Opeartions Manager, who lives locally in Ayrshire and who has lived experience of Self-Directed Support, managing a care package and direct payment for a family member. The Brokers who work with us are provided with specific training in brokering for people, and in a range of other related areas. They are all competent and compassionationate, with a desire to help people in their communities across Ayrshire. 

The Board meet with them regularly and we have peer support arrangements in place to ensure that all of the Brokers are well supported and continue to develop creative ways of working. The Brokers are local people and some have had personal experience of directing their own support or that of a relative/family member and now use that experience to help other people and to encourage them to be creative in how they are supported.

The Board members have similar experiences and together we make a great team!

Our Partners

We work with the East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire and North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnerships and with other Community Organisations. Social work staff and others often refer people to get the help of a Broker but people can also refer themselves.

We have an arrangement that allows people to contact us directly and we encourage people to do that if they think we can help them. 

We Are Always Learning

We are always learning and our work is improved by feedback from people who are involved with us. We would love to hear your feedback so please feel free to get in touch. You can also leave your compliments and if you ever have reason to complain please get in touch and we will deal with your complaint.