Sanjeev's Story

About Sanjeev

Sanjeev had been working with his transitions worker, preparing for moving on from school. They’d been looking into work experience, though what Sanjeev really wanted was paid work. He was beginning to get disheartened by the lack of support, and by organisations that couldn’t see his potential and what he was capable of.

‘It all started about two years ago, we were just having a chat and I was thinking that I was never going to get a job and I was feeling all negative thinking there’s nobody that will employ me.’

Then Sanjeev met the Community Brokerage  Network, who asked for his advice about their website, ‘Just asking me what things to change on the website. It started off with that, and then about a month later one of the directors got in touch asking if I  wanted to do social media work for them. I was chuffed about it, then when I knew it was paid I was even more happy! I was like anybody else my age getting a part time job so it was really good.’

Using My Skills

Sanjeev became the social media worker for the Community Brokerage Network. For them this wasn’t just about providing an opportunity, but about finding someone with the skills to do the job,‘We needed somebody to do our social media. But who better to do your social media than somebody who’s 16, 17 and knows how to do it? When we met Sanjeev and asked him to do it, it was much more about ‘You’ve got the skills that we need, that we don’t have and what we’ll pay you for is the skills.’’This job has led on to other opportunities for Sanjeev, like writing for Young Scot and speaking to the Open University about his experiences with Self-directed Support.

Self-directed Support

Sanjeev’s skills and confidence have grown tremendously since getting the opportunity to be involved in the Community Brokerage Network. He’s now studying journalism at university and had taken over control of his Self-directed Support budget:

‘It was hard work getting it, but it was worth it. I’ve been getting social care every weekend now. I’ve been going out with my friends, going out for lunch with my friends, doing stuff that I wouldn’t normally do. I’m a lot more wary about where the cost goes because I know that if it doesn’t get spent there I can spend it in other places. I’m a lot more aware basically.