Community Brokerage

This video may help you understand community brokerage and self directed support.

Our particular model of support brokerage recognises that, many people are able to work out for themsleves, what support they need in their life and how they can put their support together to meet their needs. It recognises that, different people need different amounts of help, and we believe that people should get the chance to have as little or as much help, as they need and want.

Brokerage diagram

Diagram adapted from Simon Duffy's work.

The principles underpinning the model include:

  • Supporting people who need help to decide for themselves what help they want and how they should be supported.
  • Recognising personal support comes from a range of sources which includes family support, access to information, support from people with similar experiences, natural community support and sometimes the use of services.
  • Developing community networks, helping people to be included and helping them get natural support from friends and others.
  • Using existing community resources as much as possible and not reinventing the wheel.
  • Recognising the value of new technology such as alarms to help people be as independent as possible.
  • Understanding the value of relationships where people both contribute and receive from community life.