Tracy Gilmore Panel

Tracy Gilmore


Tracy is a Broker with the Community Brokerage Network. Tracy’s career started off working in residential care with older adults and adults with physical and learning disabilities. During this time, she witnessed poor practice which was the catalyst for her training to be a social worker and then a mental health officer.  She has a lot of experience working with people and families in crisis and helping them to find their way forward.  Her main motivation has always been to ensure the rights of individuals are seen, heard and respected. 

During her social work career, she worked with a wide range of clients experiencing difficulties and in doing so ensured that not only were their rights upheld but their voices were heard too.  She has experience is assessing and care planning, in collaborating with other agencies, in reducing and managing risk and in advocating for individuals and their families. 

Currently Tracy works as a Broker with CBN, she supports individuals and groups through her Warrior Mum work and is a poverty activist with The Poverty Truth Commission. 

When she isn’t working, she’s being mum to her two daughters who are her absolute pride and joy and who keep her busy.  She lives with them, their dog Rocky and her partner Mark.