Sandra Campbell

Broker and Coordinator for East Ayrshire

Sandra is a broker with Community Brokerage Network. She is also responsible for coordinating the referral activity in East and South Ayrshire and is the key contact for these geographical areas.

Prior to this she ran her own business for many years and developed a reputation for paying attention to detail, this ethos has been carried forward to the Brokerage.

She has a genuine care for people and their well being and embraced the role of Broker as it has given her the opportunity to make a real difference to the quality of people’s lives.  She is passionate about the work of the Community Brokerage Network and feels privileged to be able to assist people with improving their lives.

Sandra is blessed with a son who has grown up and flown the nest.

She has a keen interest in the natural world and enjoys the outdoors. She enjoys walking, gardening, DIY and is an avid reader. Sandra brings many years of experience into the role of a broker with additional responsibilities for coordinating the work of the other brokers.