Mhairi Ligat


Mhairi is a self-employed Community Broker with the Network.  Her work background is varied having worked in a Bank, in Educational Resources and laterally in Social Care supporting adults with learning disabilities on a one to one basis.  During this time Mhairi gained an H.N.C. in Social Care, to better understand the ethos behind social care today, and she is familiar and experienced in self directed support.
Mhairi enjoyed facilitating and enabling adults she supported to live independently, meeting not just the challenges of everyday life, but to take on new pursuits, have new experiences and to become active members of their local community.
Mhairi has long been involved in Girl Guiding Scotland and does voluntary work with Alzheimers Scotland.
As her home has always been in East Ayrshire and with her community involvement, Mhairi has a good local knowledge of a range of organisations, activities and community led projects and how to access them. This is very useful to make the most use of community resources where people want to do that for help they may need.
Mhairi left her paid employment at the end of 2014 when it became apparent that her Dad was terminally ill. This allowed her to support and care for her Dad in his own home as was his wish.
During that time Mhairi's mum was also receiving community care support through a provider organisation because of Alzheimers. This was when Mhairi became involved with the Community Brokerage Network Network (CBN). With their help Mhairi was able to put together a plan of support for both her mum and dad. She benefited greatly from the help of CBN who provided information, support and guidance about self directed support.
Mhairi has since trained as a broker and is passing on her knowledge and experience to others, to help them get the most out of their individual budget, and to have the best possible life, using their budget to meet their needs.