Kay Mills


Kay is a self-employed Community Network Broker and has worked with people with learning difficulties and people with mental health problems for over 20 years. She is best known for her innovative work with individuals: helping people form new relationships; find work and get stuck into community life.

Kay is passionate about supporting people to be respected and have a fulfilling and fun filled life.  Having worked at a senior level in both residential and personalised support services in the West of Scotland, Kay founded LEAF (Life, Employment and Friends) in 2001 and is self-employed. Her work has particularly focused on supporting people who have become marginalised to maximise their own potential. Kay has recently published a Guide to Friendship.

She specialises in working with individuals, families and staff who are stuck or who have run out of ideas. She also often works as a mediator between people who provide services and the individuals they support, where this is needed.  Kay has also supported wider system change, working particularly closely with North Lanarkshire Council in the past.  Kay has helped social workers and managers to learn new skills and focus on capacity-building within their local communities.

Kay has expertise in person-centred approaches, community mapping and bridge-building, overcoming communication difficulties, sexuality and family-centred work. Kay joined the Community Brokerage Network in September 2013.  The network operated a pilot project in East Ayrshire, funded by the Scottish Government to support the development of SDS (Self Directed Support).  As a broker, Kay is independent of any other service provider and social work, as are all members of the Network.

Kay's role as a broker is to assist people, who want help, work out their plan to make the best use of their money, using natural networking and creative ways to maximise their individual budget. She can also connect, and support people in a number of ways to get involved in their local community and also maximise their skills and talents.

If you would like to have Kay as your Independent Broker to help you with directing your own support and the activity associated with that, then please complete our Broker Request Form.