Lynn Kyle


Meet the Coordinator

Lynn lives in East Ayrshire and has worked there in social care for the past 11 years. This has been within local area coordination, direct payments and latterly self -directed support.   In her previous post Lynn worked alongside the brokers and directors of the brokerage in the early development of the Community Brokerage Network.  This has given her a real insight into how a broker can assist individuals make the best choices for their support needs. Lynn has a BSc (Hons) in Social Care which she has recently achieved.

Lynn is a firm believer in the ethos and values of self-directed support and all that it is envisaged it can achieve.  She brings a wealth of knowledge about direct payments and self directed support as well as personal knowledge of managing an SDS individual budget.  Lynn has a teenage daughter who has cerebral palsy and severe learning disabilities.  As a mum she has always been passionate about her daughter being included in her local community as much as any one else.  (A wee mum boast here – You can see Lynn's daughter in one of the videos for CBN – AFTON!  Be sure to have a look) 

Lynn has seen and experienced first hand the difference CBN can make to an individual’s life. She said that it is evident in her daughter's face everytime she goes out with her Personal Assistants or as the familyt call them - Afton’s Buddies.