gillian fergusson

Gillian Fergusson

I have been working in health and social care settings for almost twenty years and am passionate about ensuring services and support best meets the needs of individuals and communities.

I studied physiotherapy and began my career working in acute hospitals in Glasgow. I then spent ten years working for various international development organisations and was based in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Haiti, China and North Korea.

Across each of these roles I worked with local organisations and governments with a focus on building sustainable rehabilitation services to support disabled people. This included the development of locally produced children’s wheelchairs in Cambodia and the delivery of amputee rehabilitation services in post-earthquake Haiti. Through this experience I learned skills in relationship building, the importance of understanding local context and ways of working and of involving local people.

On my return to Scotland I worked at the Health and Social Care Alliance, where I supported a number of projects, including a pilot of care opinion in social care settings the development of neurological standards and the delivery of the national Our Voice programme. All projects had the aim of ensuring the voice of lived experience and of the third sector were able to influence the development of both national policy and local services.

My current role is with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, within the Collaborative Communities team. This team works with Health and Social Care Partnerships and other local organisations to explore different solutions to supporting health and well-being, enabling choice and control for people accessing services and support. A key element of this is understanding and developing the role of community and community organisations in working alongside the public sector to provide support that best meets people’s needs.

Outside of work I live with my partner and four month old son in Glasgow. I love live music, spending time outdoors and trips to my family caravan on Arran.