National Brokerage Symposium

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The Community Brokerage Network (CBN) invited an audience of 80 people from across Scotland to meet and discuss what Brokerage means within the context of social care in Scotland. 
The audience of people who gathered came from a variety of backgrounds, from social workers, to commissioners, providers and representative organisations.

Julie Haslett SSSC Presentation

Julie Haslett SSSC Presentation

Lorna Ascroft Scottish Government

Lorna Ascroft

Anne-Marie Monaghan CBN Presentation

Anne-Marie Monaghan CBN Presentation

Most importantly, people who need the help of others to do things in their lives that they can’t manage on their own, also participated. The focus was about support brokerage in the context of self-directed support where people themselves have more choice and control over deciding, planning and organising their own support to meet their assessed needs.

Alison Findlay EAC Presentation

Alison Findlay EAC Presentation

Liz Leach NBN Presentation

Liz Leach NBN Presentation

Laura Feeney CLARE Presentation

Laura Feeney CLARE Presentation