National Brokerage Symposium

Symposium programThere was an excellent turnout with 86 people attending the National Symposium we held in Stirling. It was on Monday 14th March.There were fantastic inputs by a range of people with the value and benefits as well as the challenges and difficulties of brokerage being discussed. There were some key questions to focus discussion in a round table format which generated lots of energy. We are currently collating the comments, will analyse and alongside what else we have discovered from the symposium, we will share on this page. Overall it was an excellent day and feedback has been positive.

Comments include:-

".......very high quality presentations which were clear and well presented....."

".......I learned so much about brokerage today...."

".......lovely venue and well worth the day out of my usual routine..."

"......looking forward to more opportunities for this kind of discussion...."

Highland and Brokerage

Highland EventA very useful day was held in Inverness on Tuesday 15th March when we shared our work in East Ayrshire and helped people from Highland think about how they might move forward their thinking and any work on brokerage. We did a joint event with In Control Scotland who focused on SDS while we explained the various models of brokerage. We helped them understand the views of a variety of academics, researchers and practitioners in relation to brokerage. There was healthy debate and discussion with many questions some around the integration of health and social care and where brokerage may stand in the relation to it. Many unknowns but also many opportunities. 

Comments include:-

"....very, very useful workshop and I'm glad I came along....."

"....this will help our thinking and planning...."

"......brokerage suddenly seems much less complicated...."

Macmillan Support and Brokerage

An excellent session with Macmillan Support staff in their Glasgow offices looking at social care. We spent time explaining SDS and the changes in the social care landscape in Scotland. What a fabulous bunch of people doing a great job in difficult situations. We shared some of the good examples and used the videos from our website to demonstrate what we have been doing in East Ayrshire. Macmillan staff are meeting people regularly who are experiencing a range of challenges in their health associated with cancer and treatment. The question we will be considering with them is about the functions of brokerage and where they fit.

Vicki Cunningham

Vicki Cunningham

Vicki is one of our support brokers who is leaving for pastures new. Vicky has been successful in securing a new job with In Control Scotland as a Self Directed Support Community Facilitator. She will be based in Kilmarnock, working in the surrounding area. We pass on our warmest congratulations and we will miss her. However, the nature of her new job will mean she will still have ongoing contact and engagement with the Community Brokerage Network. We look forward to working with Vicki in her new role.

Vicki has contributed positively to the work of the Community Brokerage Network providing unique insights from her personal experience and has helped shape the way we engage with people as we listen to what is important to them as they put together their plan of support.

Vicki everyone at CBN wishes you well in your new job!