Liz Callaghan

Liz Callaghan


Liz has campaigned for the rights of people with learning disabilities for most of her life. Her passion has stemmed from her personal experience as a mother of a son with learning disabilities and her experience growing up with an elder sister with learning disabilities. She has first-hand experience of special schooling, transition, and planning for adult life.


More recently Liz qualified with a SCQF Community Brokerage Award as a broker and has a full understanding of Self-Directed Support and the challenges families and individuals face in planning for a future life of their own, and the importance of good support.


Liz has been running the Quality Improvements Service at Values Into Action Scotland since 2014 and has a wide and varied background in training and project management. As a trained counsellor, holistic therapist and trainer, she has worked with young people, women’s groups, learning disabilities, Social Work, Health care staff, and the voluntary sector since the mid 80’s.

Liz is also skilled in person centred planning tools, Asset Based Community Development and Talking Mats.


Liz is a fun-loving person and loves a laugh with her family, friends and work colleagues. With a passion for the outdoors and cooking, Liz loves gardening, running and going to the gym while trying to combat the effects of her love of cake making, chocolate and a good wine.