Jenny Trott


Jenny is a broker with the Community Brokerage Network across Ayrshire. She brings a range of life experiences and interests to the role. 

Jenny has managed a self-directed support budget for her own son for many years and so understands the processes, difficulties and huge benefits herself. She believes in inclusion for everyone and works hard to ensure her son has a purposeful and happy life. She has a special interest in the Transition period for young people age 14-23, when they leave school and become adults and has run workshops on that subject.
Jenny worked in recent years with people living with dementia as a well-being coordinator; making her goal to improve the well-being of the people she worked with in a residential care home. Although no longer working in a care home she considers her role as a Dementia Champion a lifelong one.
Jenny also has her own YouTube channel. She makes weekly videos to inform and inspire people who have a caring role as part of their lives, whether that be caring for someone with a disability, or condition such a dementia.
Amongst all that, Jenny enjoys to cook, read, walk and all things creative. Jenny is a valued member of the Brokerage Team using her gifts and talents in all aspects of the broker work.