Barbara Graham


Barbara has always had a keen interest in personal development and complementary medicine. She has done a great deal of reading and reflecting over the years on the development of human potential and how this can lead to fulfilling aspirations and dreams.  She is also interested in the power balance of relationships especially with regard to people who receive services.   

Barbara has been looking for a new challenge, and Independent Brokerage was a role in which she felt she could really make a difference.  Harnessing her interests in personal development, new ideas, exploring people’s potential and helping others appealed to Barbara instantly.  Ensuring people are listened to and receive the respect they deserve is central to Barbara’s philosophy.
Barbara loves dogs and in her spare time looks after two dogs for a friend.  Her other interests include fire-walking, glass-walking and board-breaking – all of which are activities to assist in breaking through imposed limits and boundaries to personal growth. She is a wife, mother and grandmother.
If you would like to have Barbara as your Independent Broker to help you with directing your own support and the activity associated with that, then please complete our Broker Request Form.